STEPPER Linear Actuators

DINGS’ MOTION offers a unique line of stepper motor linear actuators that opens new avenues for equipment designers who require high performance and exceptional endurance in a very small package.

Our various stepper motor linear actuators convert the rotation movement to linear motion directly on motor, with engineered thermoplastic nuts and a stainless steel acme lead screw. This allows the stepper motor linear actuator to provide quiet, efficient, durable and cost effective linear motion solutions.

These stepper motor linear actuators are ideal for applications requiring a combination of precise positioning, rapid motion and long life. Typical applications include X-Y tables, medical equipment, semiconductor handling, telecommunications equipment, valve control, and numerous other uses.

A variety of customizations are available upon to request, such as different screw length, special design nut, anti-backlash nut, safety brake, encoder, etc. For higher efficiency and extreme long life and high precision applications, DINGS’ provides the stepper motor linear actuator with different grade of ball screw at reasonable cost.

The DINGS’ brand of hybrid linear actuators come in six sizes, from 20 mm square to 86 mm square corresponding to Nema size 8, size 11, size 14, size 17, size 23, and size 34. Each size has three to four form factors available – captive, non-captive and an external linear version.

There are over thirty different travels per step available, from. 00006 inch (.001524 mm) to .005 inch (.127 mm). Microstepping can be used for even finer resolution.


For less environmentally friendly applications, the housings are coated with epoxy resin primer and blue polyurethane finish with thickness of 0.1 - 0.15 mm.  Coated surfaces can withstand salt spray and the motor wiring utilizes Industrial M12 Circular connectors.


For Higher Duty Cycle and Faster thrust loads, we suggest our Ball Screw Series of Stepper Linear Actuators.

The Ball Screw Stepper Linear Actuators are offered on the “External type” Linears. There are 5 different sizes, from Nem8 to Nema 23. Also, there are a variety of linear resolutions from 0.005mm/ step to 0.1mm/step available. Maximum thrust forces up to 400lbsF. Encoder options and other customizations are available for all versions.


DINGS’ MOTION manufactures three sizes of permanent magnet / can stack linear actuators;

20mm, 25mm, and 36mm.  Also, three form factors are offered as well; non-captive, external, and Kaptive.  Lead resolution options are from 0.00625 to 0.3333 mm/full step.  Linear thrust forces can be attained as high as 25lbsF.

These are extremely cost effective solutions for short quick movements with typical light thrust loads.


The reduced form factor of these stepper ball screw actuators is accomplished by mounting the lead screw directly into the motor shaft, eliminating the need for a coupling.