Discover New Possibilities with ServoTrack Motion Systems



Are you upgrading your existing setup and looking for a cost-effective solution? Are you designing a new motion control application? DINGS’ Motion USA is proud to present ServoTrack Motion System. This innovative piece of equipment is a dynamic closed loop motion control technology that will ensure you never lose functional control of your motors again.

ServoTrack works by eliminating unintentional stalling that is common in step motors due to transient or sustained overload, extreme acceleration or deceleration or excessive slew speeds. This motion system includes the SnapTrack programming software, making it easy to design efficient motion profiles.

The ServoTrack product line provides its breakthrough technology to:

  • Allow full use of your motor’s torque with minimal de-rating of the speed/torque curve.

  • Never lose functional control of your motor.

  • Lower the cost of your servo axis.

  • Minimize the impact of system resonance.

  • Allow for higher inertia mismatch when sizing your system.

  • Add torque control for clamping, winding/unwinding, and tension control.

  • Minimize motor heating, improving overall efficiency.

  • Prevent transient load stalling on smart conveyor systems.

  • Operate in velocity mode without the need of a controller.

  • Provide for simple set-up with no tuning required.

  • Function through hardware, not PID software, thereby improving response time
    and eliminating the need for a high-resolution encoder.

  • Reduce servo system complexity.

Our patented technology simplifies a complex process while simultaneously opening up new possibilities for your design engineers. You can truly reach your full potential with the ServoTrack Motion Sensor. Browse our site for more details including features, key benefits, and other specifications.

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