Ball Screw Linear Actuators

For Higher Duty Cycle and Faster thrust loads, we suggest our Ball Screw Series of Stepper Linear Actuators.

The Ball Screw Stepper Linear Actuators are offered on the “External type” Linears. There are 5 different sizes, from Nem8 to Nema 23. Also, there are a variety of linear resolutions from 0.005mm/ step to 0.1mm/step available. Maximum thrust forces up to 400lbsF. Encoder options and other customizations are available for all versions.

Features / Benefits

  • Powerful: Able to carry heavier loads than traditional linear actuators

  • Low friction / longer life cycle: Ball bearings improve speed, force, and duty cycle rating and require less power to drive them

  • Can convert motion: Straight to rotational, and vice versa