Stepper Driven Linear Actuators

The DINGS’ brand of hybrid linear actuators come in six sizes, from 20 mm square to 86 mm square corresponding to Nema size 8, size 11, size 14, size 17, size 23, and size 34. Each size has three to four form factors available – captive, non-captive and an external linear version.

There are over thirty different travels per step available, from. 00006 inch (.001524 mm) to .005 inch (.127 mm). Microstepping can be used for even finer resolution.


  • Easy integration: MUCH easier to integrate into an application; can be coupled with programmable controllers / drivers.

  • More precision: Provide higher level of precision in motion control (speed, torque and force can be modified at different stages during movement).

  • Safer: Actuators are not susceptible to leakages or contamination - safer, cleaner and more convenient.

  • Lower cost: More economical in the long run, require less maintenance, are rugged and easy to operate / install, last longer and can be reliably used in different environmental conditions.

  • Other benefits: With simple quick connect wires and cable, actuators can be easily assembled, are more compact, and operate quietly.